Best Surfing Movies

BEST SURFING MOVIES. Here's a list of the best surfing feature films. These movies are considered classics and some of my personal favorites. If you've already seen them maybe it's time to watch them again. 


Big Wednesday 1978


California beach life in the late 70’s. This movie is a classic but also a history lesson about the Vietnam War. A 70’s coming of age movie that follows surfer buddies through 10years of their lives and all the changes they go through. 

North Shore 1987

North Shore

Some say this move is cheesy but it’s kind of a classic. A wave pool contest winner who’s never been in the ocean, gets a trip of a lifetime in Hawaii and learns to connect to the ocean on a soul level. This movie features big wave surfer and respected waterman Laird Hamilton along with some of the best surfers of that time. 

Point Break 1991

Point Break

This movie is kinda like the Gleaming the Cube of surfing. It’s about an FBI Agent going undercover to catch a group of surfers who are professional bank robbers. He learns all about surf culture, respect for the ocean and unintentionally falls in love with surfing. Some would not consider this on the “best of” list for surfing movies but Patric Swayze, Gary Busey (who was in Big Wednesday) and small roles from Flea and Anthony Kedis from The Red Hot Chili Peppers make is worth watching. Pro surfers in this movie are Bojesse Christopher, John Philbin and Patrick Swayze’s stunt doubles are Matt Archbold and Dino Andino. For those of you who don’t know, Dino is pro surfer Kolohe Andino’s dad. 

Blue Crush 2002

Blue Crush

This one is for the woman of surfing. A young girl who decides trying to overcome the fear she has from a previous accident where she almost drowned during a major surf contest. Encouraged by those around her she decides to get back into competing. This movie is a fun feel good movie with good surfing scenes. Pro surfers in this movie include Kate Skarratt, Keala Kennelly and Layne Beachley. 


Soul Surfer 2011

Soul Surfer

This is a true story of surfer Bethany Hamilton who survived a life altering shark attack. It’s about her recovery and her determination to still compete. This movie has an inspiring outcome and is worth watching. 

Chasing Mavericks 2012

Chasing Mavericks

Based on a true story this movie takes you on a bittersweet journey. It’s about 15yr old surfer Jay Moriarity being part of the discovery of one of the most famous big wave surf spots. When word got out that Mavericks existed many pro surfers came from all over to check it out. This wave is brutal, a handful of surfers died out there. Actor Gerard Butler almost died out there. 

That’s pretty much it for feature films. Here’s a list of some great surf documentary style movies. Enjoy! 

Endless Summer
Endless Summer 2
Step Into Liquid
Riding Giants
Bra Boys
Momentum Generation