We are ALL connected

   SURF     SKATE     ZEN       and  TENNIS

Falling hurts and some injuries take longer to heal than others (that's why good protective gear is important LoL). Physical pain in a way is no different than mental pain..depression, heartache, and grieving. When we have a bruise or a scrape from hitting the pavement, it hurts, you take care of it and after awhile it heals. We can watch it heal and see the stages of healing whereas we can't see mental pain and no one else around can either. 

TENNISSKATING, and SURFING combined with some ZEN activities like yoga and hikes in nature are some of the best forms of free therapy. It get us out in the elements absorbing healing energies while helping us stay focused and grounded. 

We all need to focus on healing ourselves and trust that by doing so things will get better within and around us. Sometimes we need help from a professional therapist to guide us through our healing journey. Therapy is expensive and even the "affordable" therapy apps are not budget friendly, so most people forget about it. 

PinchPunk is here to remind people to be kinder to one another and focus on healing themselves, to work through their pain and not give up. PinchPunk is a brand that believes in healing that inner punk so we can become a badass at life. 

For every purchase , PinchPunk donates $1.00 to a savings fund to start a non profit who's mission will be to help people pay for therapy. 

We humans can do better, live better and treat each other better.